Friday, September 30, 2011


Despite the name of this Blog, it will have almost nothing to do with housewives duties, easy recipes, or even how to please your man.
I chose the name because as American housewives, we are generally quite apathetic to the political/financial issues that are going on right under our noses in this country.
Generally speaking, we are far more concerned with our children, the household, our spouses, and where we can get the best deals on the latest pair of shoes and fashions.
I must start by saying I AM NO POLITICAL EXPERT!

I have avoided politics for as long as I could in fact, I think I actually got a "D" in PoliSci in college. Hated it despite the fact that I have 2 not-so-distant ancestors who served as the President in the County. (no, it wasn't the Bush's)
Must have skipped several generations....

So, this is why I'm here: For years now, I have seen the U.S. and world economy failing miserably. I had nightmares that kept me up at night about the state of our economy. I watched it decline, and saw American families lose almost everything; their houses, and sense of security in the forefront. We have become an insecure nation, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and essentially doing little to nothing about it.
I can't do that anymore, nor should you.

I stumbled upon this video that scared the poop out of me: made by Porter Stansberry.
This is a video that I implore you to watch to get a better idea of what is going on.
It is a very long video so please watch it in it's entirety when you have at least an hour to your self, uninterrupted

My purpose of posting this video  is not to cause you to become a "deer in the headlights" about the Economy but, instead to wake up and take action!

Today, 2 nasty little things happened to me. I found out that Bank of America is going to start charging $5.00 per month to all those who swipe their ATM cards for purchases.
Other banks will certainly follow suit.
Secondly, as an artist of many facets, I have a Paypal account. I logged in this morning to print my shipping labels, and to my extreme horror GOT A NOTIFICATION THAT THE IRS IS NOW TRACKING ALL INCOMING PAYMENTS! OVER THE 200 TRANSACTION MARK OR $20,000.00 WILL BE REPORTED TO THE IRS BY PAYPAL!
Ok, did you watch that video?
It's starting folks.

More later from me. I have a ton more to say so please stay with me.
The Apathetic Housewife